Dota Allstar a sacado nueva versión a pocos dias de haber lanzado la 6.35, Dota AllStar 6.35b para warcraft, ha realizdo mínimos cambios, estas son las modificaciones…

6.35b Changelog:
Traducción Español 6.35b Changelog:
* Added two new neutral creep spots
* New mode -vr (-voterandom, like -ar except
you get to vote on which hero combinations are used)
* Game no longer immediately ends when you win, you
have time to chat if you want to
* Hero Descriptions now have the movement speeds listed
* New icons for Pugna, Lion, God’s Strength and Omnislash
(thx snork, alien_rebirth and gotham from forums)
* Lots of tweaks to the gold bonuses, levels, stats and abilities
on neutral creeps.
* Changed the Arthas model with Frostmourne to the one without
(forum 69498)
* Boots of Travel and Scroll of Town Portal now share cooldown
* Chaos Knight base damage a little less random
* You can now set the player slots to Computer to reduce the
starting gold if you are playing in less than 5v5 (so you don’t
have to start with 3500 if you don’t want to)
* Bonus gold is given to the allies of the tower killer (even if
creeps kill it)
* Reworked Strygwyr’s Thirst
* New Rampage animation (70915)
* Increased the recipe cost on Hand of Midas as well as
the Attack Speed.
* Reworked -lm to give a chance for Scourge to begin the pick
process instead of always Sent
* Improved the core game recognition of what is and isn’t a spell
(for stuff like essence and CotS)
* Fixed some compatibility issues between -ap and -lm
* Added a minor blood effect when hook hits a unit (63335)
* Increased base damage for Weaver
* New command -hidemsg/unhidemsg as a request from some
players that don’t want to see the text spam when heroes die
* Fixed a bug where destroying all the trees around rooftrellen
did not reveal him
* Wraith Band recipe cheaper
* Improved the AoE on static Field
* Minor improvement to the AoE on Diffusion Aura
* Repick in -ap or normal mode now lets you pick a new hero
instead of randoming it. Cost reduced here since you would
need to buy a hero. Repick is unchanged in -ar/-tr
* Restored the old armor bonus on Dragon’s Blood
* Buffed the HP and Mana that Scepter gives
* Reduced Desolator recipe cost
* Buffed Tinker’s movement speed
* Nightstalker strength improved
* Minor improvement to the trees behind to the top left
scourge tower
* Reduced the lag on casting epicenter, freezing field and
* Reduced mana cost on level 2 and 3 of blackhole to make
it a little more worth leveling
* Fixed some minor targeting bugs with illuminate
* Wild Axes now move a bit faster
* Changed the color of Plague Wards
* Fixed many old typos
* Improved Troll Warlord base damage a little
* Slightly buffed Zeus’ str and int per level
* Fixed a bug with Freezing Field and Scepter (thx malle)
* Increased the speed on paralyzing casks a bit
* Improved Jakiro’s attack animation
* Fixed Silencer’s night vision range to that of regular heroes
* Slightly buffed higher levels of Sanity’s Eclipse
* Minor armor buff (usually 1) to most melee heroes
* Fixed being able to Berserker’s Call units out of
* Agility on Manta Style increased a bit
* Perseverance can now be broken up into its components
by clicking on it
* Purification icon change (72474)
* Reduced Sunder manacost/cooldown at higher levels
* Increased base Intelligence on Tinker
* Fixed Last Will to not damage its allies if it was denied
* Stout Shield percentage typo (Nareg)
* Fixed various neutral creep minimap glitches
* Fixed an old bug with Venomancer’s Poison Sting that did
minor attack speed reduction instead of minor movement
speed reduction.
* Fixed Soul Keeper’s gamescore icon (78244)
* Fixed hotkey conflict between Spectral Dagger and
* Fixed being able to teleport to the invisible -ap vision
units with Scroll of Town Portal
* Fixed many tooltips
* Fixed some issues with units not being paused in
Chronosphere (like Leoric Reincarnate and Bearform)
* Fixed various neutral creep tooltips (MrX)
* Various other minor cosmetic improvements

After extensive playtesting on two new items, i decided
that that it was better for the game to put them on hold
rather then rush them in. I’m sorry to those who were
waiting for it, but its for the best. Hopefully we will see
them in the near future as well as other new content.

Descargar – Download Dota Allstar 6.35b para WarCraft
Descargar – Download Dota Allstar 6.35b Para Warcraft

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