Después de una “larga espera” ya esta disponible esta nueva versión del Mod gratuito más popular para warcraft, Dota Allstars 6.38, no olvides que debes tener instalado la expansión Warcraft III: Frozen Throne actualizada para poder jugar este mapa. Los cambios de esta versión 6.38 son las siguientes…

Changelog Dota AllStars 6.38
* 4 New Recipe items
* 1 New Hero
* Added -reverse (-rv) mode
* Every 6 waves, a glaive thrower/meat wagon comes out with the creeps

* Bottle with Rune now returns a Full Bottle after being used instead of an Empty Bottle
* Reduced mana cost on Earthshock
* Improved how Vendetta levels a little
* Increased str/level on Ogre Magi
* Slightly improved leveling of Eyes In The Forest
* Faceless Void base damage increased a bit
* Buffed maximum Watchers
* Desolator damage increased from 50 to 60
* Slightly improved the range on Shockwave
* Hyperstone from 2450 to 2300
* Weaver attack range from 400 to 425
* Wraith recipe from 150 to 125 gold
* Increased Shadow Word cooldown
* Increased mana cost on Dual Breath

* Added an ability to disassemble certain items in the circle of power
* Map preview is now colored
* Added new SA Perm Invis icon by Axidos
* Improved mana regen on Bottle
* Melee heroes get denied less xp than range heroes do
* WTF Mode no longer requires voting
* Fixed the -ar -random exploit (again!)
* Fixed Vendetta not listing the movement speed it gave before (10%)
* Fixed a bug with 2 daggers on disallowed heroes in order to keep 1
* Tower regeneration reduced
* Fixed a minor bug that would sometimes cause the level up animation to not play
* Improved the Wrath of Nature icon based on snork’s suggestion
* Added disablehelp/enablehelp for Astral Imprisonment
* Roshan now drops Cheese!
* Added a set of single player only commands to help people in their hero tests
* Various tooltip fixes
* Replaced “Upkeep” text with the version number
* Tango buying cooldown set to the same as the rest of the items
* Fixed various other minor bugs and typos

Thanks to the Beta Testers, ro-coco, unholydonuts, sSerenity, L33t Storm, TheMantis, seer, MetallibaN, terrorblaze, minotaar and switch for their contributions and input on items this version.

DotA que son las iniciales de Defense of the Ancients, es una modificación del juego Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.
DotA Allstars es un excelente juego de estrategia en donde podrás escoger Tu héroe (entre los más de 70 que existen) y armar tu ejército con el fin de destruir la reliquia o ancestro del oponente, para así lograr la victoria…

Download Dota Allstars 6.38 Para Warcraft
(mirror 1)

(mirror 2)

(mirror 3)

(mirror 4)

Changelog Dota AllStars 6.38b
Fixed a few game ruining exploits

Download Dota Allstars 6.38b Para Warcraft
(mirror 1)

(mirror 2)

(mirror 3)

(mirror 4)


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